Monday, June 13, 2011

Zacatlan de las Fotos

Travel Diary: Zacatlan de las Manzanas (Zacatlan of the Apples)

"Hey Brian, you might wanna fix your hair or something. After all, you did just spend 5 hours on a bus." Oh wait... this is just an imaginary comment that nobody made to me. Now I (Brian) get to remember this rocking look for the rest of my life... Okay, so the reason I (Kelly) took this photo is because of the adorable old man in the back ground. Isn't he so cute and Mexican in his vest and hat on those bright blue steps? Love it!

Strange resemblance? It's honestly very appropriate, though, considering we were in Duloc for the weekend.

I love everything about this picture! First and foremost, this cute little Mexican man looks like he should be in a National Geographic. Second, you could literally find anything your heart desired in this market. Better than Walmart?... I must concur.

When we saw this random street sign exploding with chemistry we just couldn't resist. Chemistry is Brian's one true love. He will tell you that it's me but we both know that if chemistry were marry-able then I would be toast ;)

In case you don't know, Brian is deathly afraid of heights. This picture illustrates his feelings about going on the zip-line that the rest of us were ecstatic about.

If you look closely you can see the yellow zip line rope on the left and wire bridge on the right. We were able to zip line over the waterfall to one end and crawl over the bridge back to the other end. It was a blast! Brian was a great photographer/cheerleader :)

I have to let Brian comment here because this picture makes him want to fall over with laughter...
What I (Brian) love about this picture is how straight she is sitting. I like to title this shot "The Obedient Zip-Liner". Seriously, though, they should hire her for zip-line training videos.

Me on the giant metal rope bridge. Extremely cool and, surprisingly, not scary.

I know you're not going to believe it, but this picture only took one try! It is a known fact that I have amazing self portrait camera-aiming skills. From the time that I was in middle school I was always one of the tallest girls in my group of friends. With great height comes great responsibility! Great height = great arm length= great camera aiming responsibility..... you catch my drift?

In true Mexican fashion we are here waiting. The "combi" (stripped down van with benches in it) man told us he would pick us up here at 5:30 and, alas, we waited. In true American fashion we decided we were done waiting after about 15 or 20 minutes. In true Mormon fashion we offered a prayer and began to walk up the dirt road. I now present to you the answer to our prayers in more than one way.......

That's right my friends! No more than two minutes up the road, this awesome man in a red truck asked us if we would like a ride to the highway. Of course we accepted. The best part was that when he opened up the back of his truck we found it plum full of soda! It was literally full my friends. This was, however, no problem for Mr. Soda Man. He assured us that we could step on the soda bottles and sit on the edge of the white gate.
I must say we were a grateful bunch! Not only was the dirt road to the highway much farther then we had previously remembered, but this moment also made us feel more Mexican than ever before! We were giddy with delight. The man probably thought we were crazy for having so much fun back there but he didn't seem to mind.
Now you are probably thinking "Wow your prayers were definitely answered!" and to that I would have to agree. BUT my story is not over yet my friends. Our lovely Mexican friend then proceeded to wait by the highway with us until the right combi came by that would take us a block away from our hotel! Mexicans are so nice! Brian and I are constantly reminding each other that we need to be more like them!

Our mattress of bottles.

Kira, Emily, and Brian having the Mexican time of their life!

Here we have Hannah, Paige, and myself getting high on life. If any of you are wondering about the safety of this excursion I will respond to you: Very, very safe :)

After we got into town we checked into our Hotel. It was known as the Colonial Hotel or Hotel Garage... I am still trying to decide which name was more fitting... Either way we had a grand time taking pictures on the roof:

This one has to be my personal favorite. What do you expect to be on a hotel rooftop? Hmmmm... laundry (of course), basket (surely), pipes (duh), giant piggy banks.....what? All I can say is that it could have been worse ;)

We then proceeded to check out our lovely little city. It had the normal kinds of things in it:



Beautiful day-time scenery.

Beautiful night-time scenery.

Colorful doors (remember, this is Mexico).

Colorful everything (remember what I said about this being Mexico?).

Giant clock made of flowers (Wait are we still in Mexico?). Remember the last time you were imagining how cool it would be to stand beside a giant clock made of flowers? This one's for you!

All in all, it was an amazing trip! Everything was so perfect that it was almost creepy. We did, however, manage to find the proverbial cherry to top our trip with: a private Mariachi concert!

"See! I told you that if we practiced hard enough a group of young American girls would show up to hear us play! I called it!"


  1. This is amazing, I want to move to Mexico right this second. Kells, your zip line picture is hilarious, thanks for following the rules so I have entertainment :)

  2. this is soooooo hilarious! i dont even want to start writing my own post about zacatlan, it won't even compare! I LOVE THIS. and i love you guys as a couple. <3

  3. That looks like a beautiful city! So much fun! And Brian I don't see what is wrong with your hair in the first pics. Kell you were always the most adventurous of the YW at youth conference that one year we did stuff like that. Good job! Miss you guys!

  4. I loved this post! I (Misty)do think Kelly should be in a training video!

  5. Looks like you guys are having a great time! I love your posts, so fun to read!!