Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let Me Count The Ways

Every now and again, I get the chance to go "the extra mile" in showing Kelly that I truly love her. I present to you the ultimate display of my affection: close proximity to a clown.

When: May 30th, 2011
Where: Tehuacan Mall
What: Kelly sees what she describes as a cute clown woman wearing "fun bright colors". She mentions how fun it would be to go say "Hi". My palms start to sweat but I play it cool and suggest we go to a store immediately because the mall is about to close.
After a nice session of browsing, I am dismayed to see that she is still there and just as neon as ever. As we pass by the second time, Kelly drops it on me; "I would love to go take a picture with her!".
No!!!!!!! What am I supposed to say to that? "Sorry, we can't do that. I have an irrational fear of clowns." Yeah right!
Anyways, long story short, we approach said clown and I take a picture of Kelly with her. (Keep in mind here: Who gets to do ALL of the talking with the clown? Brian does!) After taking Kelly's picture, the clown decides that it's my turn and wraps me up in the most terrifying hug of my life. "I know he's yours" she says to Kelly "but I'll take care of him."
Aaaaahhhhhhh! Run for your life! Hide yo' kids! Hide yo' wife! And hide yo' husband cuz there's clowns everywhere up in here!
Following the wonderful photo you can see below, it was my tremendous privilege to explain to the clown why I did not want to buy a balloon flower or plastic princess tiara for my wife. "Why don't you buy one? Don't you love her?" My response: "I'm talking to you aren't I?"

"I don't know what Brian is talking about. She looks so nice and fun."

BAM! Not so "nice and fun" anymore now is she? What you don't see is the knife in her left hand!

I made this to help others truly understand the significance of this seemingly trivial event. When it comes down to it, it was way more than just a minute.

I also made this because the first one got me feeling all "graphy".


  1. I just laughed through that whole thing. Thanks Brian for taking one for the team, your wife sure did look happy! And I also have an irrational fear of clowns (but that makes total sense, right?) Keep up the good work!

  2. I LOVE these graphs, Brian. Nice work. Sorry about the least the marshmallow payaso "suckers" are good, no? :)

  3. Hey Bri you would love the movie "IT"....look it up online. :)

  4. That. Is. Awesome. What a good husband you are to conquer your fears for your sweet wife! :)