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Top Ten Things To Do In Nashville With Kelly, Brian, and Olivia


So you're coming to see these guys in Nashville...

...but what will you do once you get there?

Great question!

Here are the Top Ten Things To Do In Nashville With Kelly, Brian, and Olivia:

But are a few random things that others have experienced (we cannot guarantee that you will experience these same things but they must be documented):
If you're lucky, maybe Brian will teach you some things that he's learned so far in medical school.
"So there's the mouth, the tube, and then the circle thing.  That's pretty much all we know.  Next time, I'll teach you all how to make someone wait in a room for thirty minutes with no pants on."
Who can resist such an adorable mooning early in the morning?

You might even hit the town and pick up some new Nashville threads.  Just remember: "Always be yourself...unless you can be a unicorn.  Then always be a unicorn."

In order to take a picture with this random dude, Kelly used the awesome line "Hey you look like someone I know!  Could I take a picture with you?" to which he responded "You know someone who waxes their moustache?".  Little did he know, the "someone she knew" just happens to be a movie character...
"Yes, I love technology
But not as much as you, you see
But I still love technology
Always and forever"

And now, in no particular order (except for #1) are the Top Ten Things To Do In Nashville With Kelly, Brian, and Olivia:
10.)  Get Together With The Broadbents!

In the mood for domination?  Then come get schooled by Bellevue's newest soccer sensations: Luke and Ayva!  (Side note: Do the kids in the red jerseys really need numbers as high as 78?  This is soccer right?  How many people are on their team?)
Liv loves taking a stroll through Percy Warner Park with Gayle, Katie, and the gang.  We can only hope that Luke and Eddie showing off their plays in the outdoor amphitheater started her down the path to becoming a football fan.
Noticeably absent from this picture are Kelly, Talmage, Josh, Luke, and Pearce.  Who knows where Kelly and Talmage are, but there is no doubt as to the whereabouts of Josh and the boys.  Josh was their hero and played anything and everything they wanted.  (When Josh finally had to leave, Luke wondered why he couldn't just move to Nashville permanently.)

9.) Eat At The World Famous Loveless Café
Have you ever thought to yourself: " know what these biscuits need?  More butter!"  If you have, you weren't eating at The Loveless Café.  This place is famous for homestyle southern cookin' and it does not disappoint.  That is, unless you are planning on doing any sort of physical activity (walking, sitting, laying, etc.) later on in the day.  Seriously, though, it was delicious.  Mike and Jinnene even ordered grits and fried green tomatoes!

Kelly dominates at children's menu mazes.  She kinda likes to keep her mad skills on the down-low though.

Josh ordered a waffle but they accidentally brought him a welcome mat made from waffle batter.  It was so big we all felt a gravitational force towards it when they set it on the table.  In honor of his brother Matt, however, he won the battle and ate the whole thing!  This is Josh's final push towards the finish line.

To the victor go the spoils!  There's nothing quite like kissing Carol Fay the Biscuit Lady!
Here's the whole gang having a good old fashioned sit outside the Loveless barbecue pit.  Just minutes after this picture was taken, Mike found the world's greatest souvenir: a pig-shaped refrigerator magnet that says "At Loveless Café, our butts are smokin'!".
8.) Explore The Beautiful Volunteer State

"Hmmmm...I wonder if these rules apply to eating a granola bar on Josh's back?" 

"If eating granola bars is outlawed then call me an outlaw!  This is so worth it!"
It really is amazing to live so close to the Broadbents.  Katie and her crew are always up for an adventure!
Katie said it well on Facebook: riding close to daddy's heart.

Here we are near the end of our hike through Radnor Lake.  And for all you Mormons out there, yes, it does look a ton like the Sacred Grove.
Giraffes are actually indigenous to Tennessee and were used by the early settlers for harvesting crops and clearing land.  For some reason, though, nowadays they like to keep them in zoos. 

Here's Kelly and Liv at Fall Creek Falls.  They had a great time with the Broadbents but, in the end, it was too much excitement for Liv to handle.
8.) See The Sights of Nashville

Impressive view of the city from the walking bridge.
We love imagining the 1897 City Council meeting where it was decided that they would build a full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Nashville:
"Hey man, you know what this town really needs?"
"I dunno, maybe some electricity or indoor plumbing."
"No sir.  One of them big ol' Greek buildings with the muscle guys carved into the top.  That'd be real nice!"

Everyone pull out your bucket lists.  Replace Life Goal #47 with this one: Sell one of my kidneys in order to buy a night's stay in the Opryland Hotel.  I promise it will be worth it.  After all, most hotels don't even have waterfalls.  At the Opryland they have waterfalls inside the hotel.
Here's Kelly, Heather, Margaret, and Judd at one of Nashville's farmer's markets.  But wait, where's Matt?  Oh yeah, he's hitchhiking his way back to  Mas Tacos Por Favor for some more fried avocado and sweet potato tacos.

A caption can add nothing to this photo.

Flip a nursing cover around and you suddenly become the most super dad in the park.
"That's for hitting on my wife...and for making Clambake!"

Awww man...I just barely moved here.

Shaquille O'Neal visited Nashville in 1998.  He left behind one of his boots and the city decided to keep it on display in order to boost tourism. 
The best part of this photo is Kelly's dad making a cameo appearance in the corner.  "Oh hey, I didn't even know you were in town!"
Although barbershop trio singing is really on the rise as of late, we really could have used Matt or Andres to complete the photo.

7.) Catch Some Live Music
Wanna be super cool and listen to bluegrass like you've been doing it your entire life?  Wanna hit up local venues like The Station Inn and Music City Roots?  Well, too bad.  You've gotta live in Bellevue and be Katie's friends. 
Or you can come visit...that works too. 

6.) Attend A White Coat Ceremony
One of the benefits of attending Vanderbilt is receiving your white coat from Edna Mode from The Incredibles.
Thanks to Brian's sister Jessica for making this awesome meme!

Jacob and Jessica's visit was perfectly timed and allowed them to attend the world's most brief white coat ceremony.  (Thank you Vanderbilt for getting it done in only 45 minutes!) 

Although this is a great picture of Brian with two of his siblings, we love it for other reasons.  It's amazing how sketchy a benign fruit beverage can make Chris look.

Either Brian just started medical school or he won a golf tournament.  You decide.

5.) Eat Delicious Nashville Food

Here's Mike with the remnants of his celebratory dessert at The Listening Room.  This is a great place to go for live music and really great food at a pretty good price.  Happy Birthsmear Mike!
Jim 'n' Nicks' Barbecue is fantastic.  And even better, they serve the same racks of ribs that Fred orders in the opening sequence of The Flintstones.
4.) Visit Vanderbilt
Brian's parents were great sports and tolerated some serious heat to tour the campus.
Time to vote: Whose imitation of this guy is better?

3.) Check Out The Frist Museum

The Frist was putting on an exhibit featuring "Art Deco" cars and they were seriously amazing!

Here's Brian, Chris, and Mike in front of one of their favorite cars.  Brian's sister Jessica nailed it when she said: "I sometimes wonder why my brother Chris is so good with kids.  Then I remember, oh yeah, he's a pediatrician."

Here's a group of master architects in The Frist's kids center.  I'm pretty sure they started building a model of the One Direction Fan Club Headquarters but Sadie and Ana decided to turn it into Hogwarts after Brian told them Howie and Sven were his favorite band members. 

Here we are after a full afternoon of museum-ing.  It was pretty exhausting and we didn't have the energy to try and understand any of the modern art hanging in the hallway.  We decided to interpret them all as a representation of man's inhumanity to man and head for home.

2.) Go For A Swim


Did any of you know that Brian's mom is an excellent swimmer?  Probably not because it's not something she tells people.  Nevertheless, it's true.  We're thinking about getting her a shirt for Christmas that says "I'm an excellent swimmer". 

Mike performing the most important of grandfatherly duties: launching Ana out of the pool off of his shoulders.  What Bingham family member doesn't have fond memories of this?

Liv's first time wearing her swimsuit!
  Time to vote again: Whose crazy picture is the best?
1.) Take In Liv's Cuteness (AKA the real reason to come see us in Nashville) 



And finally, Olivia Bloopers:
Casting a spell?
"I can't believe we wore matching outfits to church.  So embarrassing!"
Arrrrrrrr matey!
"Hey everybody I think I just laid a Kelly egg!"

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