Sunday, June 23, 2013

Liv-ing on the Edge

Here I am saying good bye to my kiddos for the last time! I totally loved watching them perform the Kung Fu dance and Japanese Fan dance I taught them! They did an amazing job and I will miss teaching these cuties!

Shout out to Janet and Linda! They were the best team I could have asked for! What amazing ladies!!!

 Law of the Universe #432:  Olivia will always stop crying when you are in the most uncomfortable and/or difficult to maintain position possible. 

Jazzercise! Yeah we think Liv looks like a jazzercise instructor here and we convinced everyone that we saw that to agree with us!

 Cute picture of Mom and baby Liv!

Here is Olivia at three weeks old partying in her favorite boucy seat! This bouncy seat is just one of the many lifesavers that cousin Lori gave to us! She is the best!

This picture shows the progression from pregnant to newborn to genuine baby!  These ladies were so fun to work with and will be such amazing mommies!

 Grandma spoiled Olivia with her favorite relxing position while everyone spoiled Brian during his recovery from eye surgery.  My parents were such lifesavers and we really couldn't have made it through those days without them.

We just love Olivia in this sun hat!

Olivia was sure excited to finally meet Grandma and Grandpa Bingham!  She even put on her finest pink shoe-socks for the occasion.  (Does anyone know where we can get some of these in an adult size?)

Dinner with more fam! It was so fun to have everyone here!

And now we present to you.... 
The Blessing Day!

We had such a great turn out for Olivia's blessing! Brian gave a beautiful blessing and we loved being able to spend some time with so many family and friends! My only regret is that I didn't get enough pictures of everyone that was there! But here are some we do have! (Also you will notice that Olivia sneakily slept from the time we got to church until everyone left from the lunchin, but at least she didn't cry during the actual blessing. That was Brian's biggest fear... well besides actually giving the blessing;)

We just love Aunt Gayle! You can also see cute little Boston in the background. Olivia was getting passed around quite a bit that day, maybe a little too much for Boston because at one point he came up to me and said, "Where's your baby?" He wanted to make sure I was keeping track of her. What a good older brother:).

Sean and Tara! Don't they look so natural with a baby;). 

Sweet Katie! Two beautiful girls!

Indie was sweetly looking at baby Olivia, but when I pulled out the camera to capture the moment she immediately said "Cheese!". Her mom has clearly trained her well. 

Michelle and little Logan! We sure love them!

And of course my bestie Lees had to take her turn. It's a shame that she just moved back to Utah in time for me to move to Tennessee. I will miss her a lot!

We had to get a four generations picture with mom and grandma! What a wonderful heritage Olivia is blessed with!

All pictures are better with some more smiles!

Love my sis! I also love that sweet little Hannah! She always seems very curious when she has he opportunity to be really close to Olivia. Right now I think she is trying to decide if Olivia's binky or head band would be better to put in her mouth:).  


 Of course we had to get one of grandma Bingham on the blessing day!

Just our little fam:)

And one with grandma Ward!

We had everyone from my family there except for Leslie. I love how are the girls wore coral.  

We love Kristin! Not only was she so kind as to take the family picture above, but she also took the adorable pictures of Olivia coming up next. She is great! Plus she is a baby magnet:). 

And now the Olivia Photo Shoot! (brought to you by the lovely Kristin Farrell)

We love this picture because it looks like she is raising the roof!

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  1. So fun! You better keep this blog going once you move. Her baby pics turned out ADORABLE. How could they not with that little sweetie?