Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Yes you read that right! We are expecting one of those things that is supposed to be full of everything nice;).  Here is her glamor shot:

Kelly: I know. She is a diva. This will be the 3rd grand baby for my family and the 8th for Brian's, and, in case you were wondering, the first for us. Until December 12th we had called the unknown-gendered baby "Aitor" because it has been a long running joke between Brian and I that we would name one of our children a Basque name from Spain.  And Aitor (as you can tell) is especially flattering. Since finding out she was a "she" we decided we could no longer call her a boy name and have resorted to calling her Lafawnduh. My mother-in-law is especially fond of this name and likes to show her approval every time we say it;). She gets really giddy and smiles a lot. Okay that's not true. She rolls her eyes and says, "That is not the name of my granddaughter." We love you Linda! You just make it so fun!

Brian: This is how we told Kelly's family that she was pregnant.  We dressed up as a sun-dial and a TV!  Actually, all jokes aside, these were really impressive costumes made by Kelly herself.  I was dressed as a timer with "May 2, 2013" at the top and Kelly was dressed as an oven.  Get it!?  Don't worry.  It took the family a couple minutes too. 

Kelly: Of course, with our previous unveiling, we couldn't just tell everyone the gender.  So, we had to be a little creative again. :) With my family we did a few trivia questions about Brian and I and the winner got this lovely golden gift bag out of which they pulled out these lovely pink shoes!
This was really fun because Stacee ended up winning and squealed when she saw the pink. I think she was really hoping for a girl so that Hannah could have a little girl cousin to be besties with!

Brian: True to the teacher within her, Kelly brought me into her classroom for a game of educational Jeopardy to announce to her children that she is having a baby.  Under each square was part of the phrase "Mrs. Bingham is having a ... " and inside a secret envelope behind the poster was " ... a baby girl!"  The battle was fierce and, in the end, the team with the most amount of points got the pleasure of opening the envelope.  The kids' reactions were priceless and one little girl even came up and asked Kelly why her tummy wasn't getting fat!  I guess we know who's getting straight A's this semester!

Brian: When it came time to finally reveal the gender to Kelly's coworkers, she brought these bad boys to school.  Delicious little banana muffins with cream cheese frosting and little "G"s drawn in icing.

Brian: Wish your baby looked like Super Mario?  Well, too bad!  We ain't sharing!  And, yes.  Our child will most definitely still wear this despite her gender.  And she'll like it too!

Kelly: Awesome outfits from Grandma and Grandpa Bingham.  One says "Daddy Loves Me" and the other says "Mommy's Little Cupcake".  Brian says "Why don't they make adult jeans out of this fake stretchy denim material?"  I would LOVE to wear pants like this!

Kelly: Amazing outfits from Grandma and Grandpa Ward and our friend Rachel Burr.  A very cool set of tops and bottoms and the sweetest sleepers we have ever seen.  Once again, Brian asks "Why aren't adult sleepers popular?  They are an incredible combination of versatility and warmth!"

Brian: Kelly showing off her "You're really six months along?" baby bump.  Although she is right on track in her weight gaining, no one really believes she is six months pregnant.  She gets incredulous comments from everyone from her dental hygienist to her third graders. (Nice job on the Christmas tree too!)

Kelly: Brian showing off his "No matter what anyone says I'm still eating for two!" baby bump.

Kelly: This is Brian's true vision of what fatherhood will be like.  No matter what anyone tells him, he will not be swayed.


  1. This is a fantastic post! I love the Brian & Kelly takes on everything. You two are the best. I am excited to meet this little baby Bingham!(Kelly- you really don't look 6 months yet!)

  2. I love everything about this!!! :) You guys are awesome!

  3. Lafawnduh rocks! And deep down in her heart Linda loves the name. Really deep down in her heart. I mean really, really deep down in her heart.