Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pretty Fly For a....

Güero [ˈweɾo] or [ˈgweɾo] is a word used in Mexico to denote a person with blond or red hair or of fair complexion. The feminine form is güera. Although Güero/a typically refers to a blond person, in Mexico, it can mean anyone of lighter skin and hair, even a person with light brown hair, especially auburn hair. This is opposed to "indio", "moreno" or "prieto", who are of dark brown or black hair and of browner skin tones and/or Amerindian or Afro-Mexican origin.

Let's brainstorm here. Who might get called "guero" on an hourly basis? Hmmm.......

So one of the funniest things we have encountered so far here in Mexico is the open use of terms referring to skin color. I would need to borrow a few friends' hands in order to count the number of times I am called "white guy" during the course of a single day. What's awesome, though, is that it's not meant to be derogatory (I think ....) so it doesn't offend and it's actually kinda nice. I mean at least I know that they are talking to me right?

This morning I got curious and decided to Google other "chosen ones" that have been lucky enough to merit the title "guero". In their honor I present "El Salon de Gueros":

So this guy is actually a famous singer called "El Guero". Maybe I should get one of those jackets he's wearing...

I lie to you not! This comes up when you Google image search the word "guero". I just keep telling myself "It's not derogatory. It's not derogatory.".

Jackpot! I present to you "El Guero Loco" (The Crazy White Guy or, if you prefer, The Crazy Guy With an Unusually Fair Complexion)! Forget the jacket. This is really what I need! Anyone else think he looks like a chubby Randy Johnson?

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I stumbled upon a nugget of priceless information. "El Guero Loco" has a brother who is also a wrestler. His name is "El Leon Blanco" which means "The White Lion". Now if we could just figure out which one he is in this picture...


  1. This was so funny....I think you will noW have a nickname....David is gonna love this! <3

  2. It's official your nickname is...drum roll please........ El Guero Marico.

  3. hello babes! finding out you're in Mexico and reading your blog posts totally made my day! I look forward to hearing more about your trip. Que se diviertan mucho. :D