Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Few of Our Favorite Things

In light of the end of Winter semester and the start of school break, here are a few of the things that have helped us keep laughing and deal with the stresses of school and work.

1.) Snow Camping

So we went camping in Bryce Canyon a few weeks ago and were surprised to find everything covered in snow. We persevered, however, and managed to build a fire to keep warm. Unfortunately, though, we didn't realize that our fire would melt all of the surrounding snow and flood our fire pit about every five minutes. It was a classic!

2.) Just Like Dad

I don't know if anyone else remembers these Little Critter books but they were a key part of my childhood. I decided to read one the other day and this page made me laugh for days. In this book Little Critter is explaining how he will be "just like Dad" when he grows up. I guess in this particular instance he will follow in Pa Critter's footsteps by experiencing irrational rage in the grocery store (Do his eyes terrify anyone else or is it just me?). I have tried to imagine what other things Little Critter could possibly be holding in his hand that would actually merit the eyes of hatred on Dad Critter's face and I have come up with a few possibilities: bomb, Al Qaeda training manual, President Obama's latest book, etc. Any suggestions?

3.) Mexico Culture Training

The program that we are volunteering with always does some culture training with the volunteers before their departure date. This happened a few weeks ago and was actually really really useful. I couldn't stop laughing, however, as they were explaining how Mexican romance is different than in the United States. There are very few guys that normally go on this program so, during this part of the training, everything was geared toward the girls. I just couldn't stop imagining what my trip would be like if the warnings about men calling you beautiful applied to the guys as well as the girls. (Sometimes, when you are a man, you wear stretchy pants in your room. It's for fun...)

4.) Nightly Prayer

Kelly and I have had some pretty long days this semester but we still do our best to have prayer before bed every night. It really is a great experience and important to us but it has provided us with lots of laughs too. Because we are so tired we will occasionally start to dream and our prayers turn into some sort of stream of consciousness rambling that would even give Miss Teen South Carolina 2007 a run for her money. Over the course of the semester we have given thanks to God for "our many nominations", asked for help in "putting that stuff in the closet", and endured five minute spells of complete silence. The prayer to end all prayers, however, was offered by Kelly about two months ago. She started off strong but faded fast and ended her prayer with this beauty: "We are grateful for ham and this wonderful reception." Amen! Ham has been underappreciated for far too long and, to be fair, I'm sure the reception in her dreams really was wonderful.

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